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How to choose a good frozen food?

Time:2019-12-27 View:3669

Quick-frozen foods are convenient and affordable, and are popular with the public. "Life Times" reporters found in interviews that in order to ensure freshness, many people choose to buy frozen and sturdy, and can still see obvious ice through the packaging. This is actually a misunderstanding. However, there will be more frost on the surface of the food after long storage. The same is true of frozen foods bought in supermarkets. If there is too much frost, it means that it is no longer fresh.
In addition, if there are more ice debris in the frozen food packaging bags purchased by the supermarket, it may be caused by thawing and then freezing. "After melting and freezing, tissue cells will change, and the cell's water content will increase, which may affect food quality," said Xinying Ying. And quick freezing just stopped the biochemical reaction and bacterial growth in the food, and did not kill the bacteria in it. If food is thawed repeatedly, more and more bacteria will accumulate in it, which may cause harm to human health.
Therefore, when selecting quick-frozen food, pay attention to whether the packaging seal is intact and whether there is stickiness or damage in the packaging bag. Do not choose products with significant ice cubes in the packaging. In addition, when choosing, buy packaged products whenever possible to reduce pollution. Frozen food should be taken at the end of each shopping, and put into the freezer of the refrigerator at home as soon as possible to prevent food quality from being damaged and bacteria breeding.
Pay attention when shopping
1. Make the products produced by famous factories or famous brands the first choice.
2. Choose the nearest store with a low temperature freezer.
3. It is necessary to choose products with good packaging, clear identification and effective storage period.
4. Pay attention to whether the product in the package has a natural color; if there are spots or discoloration, it means that it has deteriorated.
5, pay attention to whether there is thawing, good frozen food should be hard.
6. Quick-frozen food must be taken at the end of each purchase to avoid leaving the freezer for too long. Generally, the outdoor storage time is about 1 hour, and the use of insulation bags can save about 4 hours. (It depends on the weather and temperature.)