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How to eat frozen fruits? What is the nutritional value of frozen fruits?

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As the temperature rises day by day, more and more people start to take cold drinks. Compared to summer foods such as popsicles, ice cream and drinks, fruits can be said to have full advantages, especially frozen fruits are steaming In summer, eating one can be said to be very refreshing, so how should I eat frozen fruits? Compared to fresh fruits, does the nutritional value of frozen fruits have any effect?

How to eat frozen fruits

Frozen grapes. After the grapes are washed, they can be put directly into the freezer and turned into a cold and sweet "grape meatballs"! The skin at this time is easy to swallow, and the grapes are really not spit when eating grapes! Grape skin is very nutritious, so eat it just right!
Frozen strawberry. Before frozen strawberries, you can also soak them in sugar water for 5 minutes. This will ensure the quality of frozen strawberries, and it will be sweeter! Frozen strawberries can be stored for half a year and eaten anytime! Never worry about whether it's the strawberry season!
Frozen banana. The flesh of the banana itself is soft! After peeling and freezing, it will automatically transform into banana ice cream! And the taste definitely kills those who add milk and water!
Frozen watermelon. Eating watermelon must be cold! Actually, frozen watermelon is better with a little ice! The moment you bite, it's so cold!

Frozen bayberry. Frozen bayberry needs to pick some hard ones! Overripe and soft bayberry will flake after freezing! When frozen, dipped in sugar or honey and eat each one is sweet and delicious!
Frozen litchi. Because the lychee freshness period is not long ... So there is a smiling princess riding a red duster! In fact, lychee can be stored for a long time after freezing! And it tastes sweeter and more delicious than freshly picked! However, frozen lychee skin is more difficult to peel, so you need to rinse it with water.
Frozen persimmon. Frozen persimmon is a traditional winter fruit in the Northeast! They usually put the persimmons outdoors and freeze them. Eating persimmons will not only taste more delicious but will not stick to their hands. They will never worry about eating persimmons.
Frozen sour pear. Frozen sour pear is also a characteristic sour pear in the north. It is no longer common. It is produced only near Beijing and it has a strange sour taste and the flesh is particularly hard! Serve only after freezing and softening!
Frozen oranges. Oranges should actually be peeled first and then frozen! After freezing, you can directly simmer! Believe me, this is the best way to eat oranges!
Frozen durian. King of fruits durian becomes ice cream in seconds after freezing! You can even dig with a spoon to eat! Making "100% pulp durian ice cream" is as simple as that!

Nutritional value of frozen fruits

In the days when refrigerators were not available, fruits such as oranges and apples, which were easy to preserve, were frozen in ice cellars, as a holy product to quench summer heat and quench thirst. However, there is always a saying in the folk that frozen fruits will lose nutrition and should not be eaten.
Now foreign studies have pointed out that fruit ice will not only lose nutrition, but also increase nutritional value and increase the content of vitamin C and anti-aging substances!
Vegetables and fruits are harvested and sold on the market. After a period of time, nutrients will gradually lose as they lose their freshness. At this time, freezing is a good way to preserve nutrition.
Frozen nutrition value does not lose higher vitamin C content The University of Chester in the United Kingdom conducted a study comparing the nutritional value of frozen fruits and fresh fruits and found that nearly two-thirds of vegetables and fruits have frozen vitamin C and anti-aging substances Higher.

The US Food and Drug Administration reports that fresh foods and frozen foods have the same nutritional value, and nutrition can be preserved longer after freezing. Therefore, there is no need to worry about freezing the nutrients.
Frozen fruits help to reduce weight and absorbance higher than fresh fruits. In the hot weather, exposure to the sun for too long and taking a shower can make people want to drink cold drinks or eat ice to relieve the heat. However, the ice ingredients contain a large amount of Sugar, milk fat and additives are very high in calories and are often harmful to health. At this time, you can use frozen fruits instead. It has a natural sweet taste, will not eat sugar and fat, and can supplement the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals needed by the body. The calorie is only one third of that of ice. Instead of dessert and ice cream, you can also expect weight loss.
Fruit vitamins are stored in the cells, covered by the membrane of the cell wall, affecting absorption, and freezing will damage the fruit's cell wall and increase the absorption rate of vitamins.